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Hi there!

Welcome to my little space where I share recipes inspired by my Mexican heritage,

Susy Villasuso @Holasus


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About my food

Some of you may know me from @HolaSus on Instagram which is the outlet I first used to start creating and sharing my recipes. Now this site, Life Limon y Sal, is a new phase for HolaSus where I want to share more detailed recipes and other projects that I have in mind for you.



Hi my name is Susana Villasuso, I'm a Chef and recipe developer from San Luis Potosi, MExico, I currently live on the edge of southwest London with my little family.

I was born and raised in Mexico and my first memories of food come from my maternal grandma. I remember going with her to the little local market around the corner to buy essentials. With her purse under one arm and the other one holding my hand, we would go and choose a selection of vegetables, herbs and chilies to make fresh salsa, a bit of meat or chicken, fresh cheese and a couple of kilos of fresh tortillas. We would then go home and she would prepare the most delicious meals to feed a big family, especially so when we were all visiting her house during the summer, so many cousins, aunties and uncles!