Mexican baked eggs with chorizo, guajillo-morita salsa and melted queso fresco.


Often on a Sunday morning I will go downstairs before everyone wakes up, put the radio on and, while I listen to my favourite program with a cup of coffee in hand, I start making breakfast.

Baked eggs is one of my favourite recipes, you can make so many variations of these by simply changing the sauce and and it can be more or less spicy according to your taste. Whether you include meat or not, the one thing I can guarantee is that they will always taste amazing.

This is what I would normally cook over the weekend for me and my husband, something hearty and flavourful.

Serves 4

Ingredients :

4 free range eggs.

3 Jersey royals potatoes peeled and cut in small cubes.

1 red onion finely diced.

200 gas of smokey Spanish chorizo, cut in small cubes.

4 guajillo chillies.

2 dried morita chilies.

3 large vine tomatoes.

2 garlic cloves finely minced.

Rapeseed oil.

150 grams of queso fresco.

Handful of coriander and parsley.

Maldon Salt and black pepper to taste.


Add a drizzle of rapeseed oil into a frying pan, and fry your onion, chorizo and potatoes, stir and cook in a medium heat, season with a pinch of maldon salt and black coarse pepper. Once your potatoes get a bit of color add 1/2 cup of water and cover your pan with a lid to cook the potatoes thoroughly, once cooked reserve.

Get the stems off your dried chilies and get rid of the seeds, hydrate your chillies in hot boiling water for about 20 min or until they get soft.

Preheat your oven at 180 C.

Cut your tomatoes in quarters, peel your garlic cloves and place them on a lined baking tray, add a drizzle of olive oil salt and pepper, bake for 35 min.

Once your tomatoes garlic mixture is ready place them into the blender, add your hydrated chillies and a bit of the remaining water, blend really well until you get a smooth bright red salsa. Keep your salsa hot in a sauce pan.

Get a baking dish and add a drizzle of oil at the bottom, then add your potato-chorizo mixture spread evenly, add the hot salsa on top (important to add the salsa hot as this would help cook your eggs faster and not overcook the yolk), crack the eggs on top and add chunks of queso fresco, a drizzle of olive oil and black coarse pepper.

Bake in the oven until your whites are cooked but don’t overcook the yolks, it should only take a few minutes in the oven.

Serve hot, garnish with your coriander and parsley roughly chopped.