Scrambled Salsa Eggs With Potato Hash


Don’t you just love those mornings when you wake up and you know that you don’t have to rush anywhere or have that feeling that something that needs to get done?

Or those days when you actually have a minute to stop and have some time for yourself ! , well on those very rare moments I like to stay in my pajamas just a bit longer just out of principle, and then I head down to the kitchen brew myself some fresh coffee and start thinking what I want for my breakfast.

And for those rare days that do exist but don’t come as often as I would like, I like to prepare this breakfast recipe, I know what you are thinking: but you cook all the time! but actually it’s hard to find a day when I have time to enjoy what I’m doing withouth feeling the pressure of getting things done.

And yes I love a hearty breakfast the kind of breakfast that you have during that slow and perhaps rainy morning, or just over the weekend with your partner, this one is also perfect to make for your Mum and Dad and invite them over for a lazy brunch.

Adding the salsa into the egg mixture not only keeps your eggs moist but it adds flavour such a simple way to make your scrambled eggs a bit more noteworthy, the potato hash made with fried onions, potatoes, swede and bacon make it even more satisfying for those brunch cravings. I reserve a bit of the salsa to pour on top the eggs before serving for that last crowning touch.

A little tip here! try the sweet potato gorditas filled with these tasty scrambled eggs and you will be in Mexican food heaven.

Serves 3-4


For the salsa.

4 vine tomatoes (cut in halves).

1/2 white onion (diced).

2 red jalapeños or red chilies (whole).

3 cascabel chillies or (1 guajillo).

2 tsp of olive oil.

1 white onion (finely diced).

1 potato (diced).

1 swede (diced).

3 rashers of smoked bacon.

2 tbsp rapeseed oil.

1 tsp ground coriander.

2 tsp mustard seeds.

2 tsp of honey.

2 tsp of apple cider vinegar.

5 free range eggs.

1 tbsp greek yoghurt.


Freshly made beans.

Avocado slices.


Preheat your oven at 200 C.

Place your tomatoes, onion and jalapeños in a baking dish, bake in the oven for 25 minutes or so, until your tomatoes have soften up and the onion is cooked.

At the same time soak your cascabel chilies in a small bowl with hot boiling water, place another bowl on the top to make sure they submerge in the hot water, these chillies are amazing because they have a lovely smokey flavour so good for sauces.

Then to make your salsa simply add into the blender your baked tomato mixture and chilies without the stem, add a splash of the water you used to soak your chilies , a pinch of salt and a bit of black coarse pepper, blend smooth and taste, adjust seasoning if necessary, reserve.

For your hash heat up the oil into a non stick pan, once is hot enough add your onions fry briefly, then I add the bacon and stir until it gets a bit of colour.

I then add the swede, potatoes and stir continuously to avoid them from sticking, add the ground coriander, mustard seeds, honey and apple cider vinegar, season with a good pinch of maldon salt and black coarse pepper, cover with a lid and let the potatoes and swede to cook through on a low heat.

Once your potatoes and swede are cooked you may add the eggs and pour three quarters of the salsa on top, stir everything gently and let your eggs cook slowly for moist scrambled eggs, no need to rush.

Serve your scrambled salsa eggs with potato hash over a pretty platter with avocado slices, greek yoghurt drizzled on the top and the remaining salsa, some freshly made beans on the side and warm tortillas and you are good to go, enjoy!