Pico de Gallo Salad


Who doesn’t like pico de gallo? I thought this whilst eating a bowl of it myself and this is how this recipe came to be. It’s funny how sometimes the simpler things are the better the taste and this recipe is a great example of that.

I make it more of special dish by using heirloom tomatoes found at my local farmers market, the flavour of those tomatoes combined with the lime juice, chilli and olive oil is heaven! Super easy to make and the best side dish for grilled steaks.

Serves 4


2 beefsteak tomatoes.

2-3 green tiger tomatoes.

300 g of a mix of small heritage tomatoes. 

1 spring onion.

1 jalapeño.

1 tsp of chipotle paste.

2 limes.

Rapeseed oil.

Maldon Salt and Pepper to taste.

Handful of fresh cilantro.

Cut your beefsteak tomatoes in slices as well as your green tiger tomatoes, your smaller tomatoes can be cut in half or quarters, place them all on a big platter.

Add the lime juice, chipotle paste, and shaved spring onion and jalapeño pepper, a good drizzle of rapeseed oil and season with maldon salt and black coarse pepper, mix with your hands all the ingredients and finish your salad with finely chopped cilantro on top, serve.