Salmon and Peach Ceviche with Yellow Betroot-Lime Marinate.


Ok so in my ideal life I dream of living by the coast down in the Yucatan beaches, in a small town where life is simple and quiet, where I have access to the delicious fruit, vegetables, mexican herbs and fresh fish, I would have a small restaurant in this scenario too :) I can dream !, nothing fancy by the way just a small family place with fresh seafood.

I would hang by the beach with a cold beer in the afternoon after a day of work and enjoy a plate of freshly made ceviche that tastes like the sea because you know that that fish was caught that morning by the local fishermen, and I would just listen to the waves crashing and admire the beauty of the Mexican beaches.

This is exactly what I had in mind with this recipe, and the kind of food I love to eat where all the ingredients are fresh and come together in this beautiful meal that makes you feel good and satisfies your belly !

I love a good ceviche and I want to share my love for it with this recipe, to me this is the ultimate summer food and in my humble opinion a good ceviche has to be a bit sour, fresh and spicy, as long as you have those three elements you know it will be good, so don’t be afraid to try it and I hope you too enjoy this recipe.

Serves 4


500 grams of sushi grade salmon, (skinless and cut in small cubes).

4 spring onions, (finely sliced).

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil.

1 large yellow beetroot, (peeled and cut in smaller pieces).

4 juicy limes (juice and zest).

1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil.

2 tsp sea salt.

tsp of black coarse pepper.

1 medium carrot, (peeled and diced).

3-4 fresh red chilies, (finely chopped).

3-4 radishes, (finely chopped).

2 peaches, ( pitted and cut in small pieces).


1/2 cup of coriander (finely chopped).

Fresh edible flowers (optional)

Tortilla chips or tostadas to serve


In a medium bowl add the salmon and the spring onion, drizzle it with the extra virgin olive oil, cover and reserve in the fridge.

To prepare the marinate add into a blender the yellow beetroot, lime juice and zest, extra virgin olive oil, salt and black pepper, and blend really smooth, set aside.

Get the salmon and spring onion mixture from your fridge, and add the crunchy vegetables and red chili, then the fruit and finally three quarters of the beetroot-lime marinate, mix everything gently with a spoon, and put back in the fridge for 10 minutes, no more, it’s important to not over marinate the fish as it would become tough.

Serve on a pretty platter and add the remaining marinate juices on top, garnish with small edible flower petals such as violas, pansies or marigolds, add the freshly chopped coriander and serve with the tortilla chips or tostadas on the side, enjoy!



Be ready to serve your ceviche once you add the marinate.

You may use purple beetroot, I would just recommend to add less amount of it into the marinate as it’s sweeter and stronger in flavor, to not overpower the other elements.

You can also replace the peaches for a different fruit like mango.