Mexican shakshuka

I’m writing this as I watch the rain falling down my bedroom window and have my cup of morning coffee, can’t help thinking that one of the things that I start craving once the weather begins to change it’s a warm and satisfying breakfast, somehow our bodies know and begin to get prepare for colder days ahead and there is need for that extra comfort in our lives.

Living in England and having been through a lot of grey and rainy days I have found ways to cope with the weather and food will always bring a warm balance to my life.

If you are looking for the heartiest of breakfast recipes this shakshuka might be the answer and even though shakshuka is not native from Mexico so much of it resonates with the things that we love cooking the most, the very important combination of a good spicy salsa and eggs definitely brings memories of home.

It’s all about slowly frying your onions until they caramelise, then you add the smoky spanish chorizo and red peppers until the chorizo releases it’s oils and coats the peppers and onions with all it’s glory; Such a simple and perfect marriage of flavours and by adding my favourite ground Mexican chillies you add more depth of flavour to the sauce, you can either serve this with with warm tortillas or crusty bread, either way It’s delicious.

Serves 3

Note: The sauce in this recipe i’ts enough for 3 persons, and you can cook up to 6 eggs in the sauce but some people just prefer one egg so adjust them according to how hungry you feel that morning.


1 tbsp rapeseed oil.

1 red onion, (sliced) .

3 red peppers (cut into strips).

250 grams of Spanish style chorizo (cut in small cubes).

1 cup of cherry tomatoes (sliced in quarters).

1 tbsp tamari sauce.

2 tsp of ground guajillo chilli.

2 tsp of ground pasilla chilli.

2 tsp of smoked Spanish paprika.

1 cup of roasted tomato recaudo or tin tomatoes .

2 cups of vegetable stock.

6 free range eggs.

Maldon salt and black coarse pepper to season.

Fresh rosemary or coriander to garnish.


Heat up your oil in a non stick or cast iron pan, add your onions and fry slowly until the get a bit of colour, I then add the chorizo, red peppers and tamari sauce, stir and cook over a slow heat until your peppers turn soft.

Add the cherry tomatoes and dry spices, keep stirring and once your tomatoes start getting softer add the tomato recaudo and vegetable stock, season with a good pinch of salt and freshly grind black pepper, taste and adjust seasoning if necessary, reduce the flame and simmer on low for a couple of minutes to concentrate the sauce flavours.

Finally crack your eggs carefully over the sauce, simmer them over a medium heat until the whites get completely cooked but the yolks remain soft, you can add a lid to your pan to aid the whites cook faster.

Serve warm into bowls with fresh rosemary sprigs or coriander scattered on top, make sure to add enough sauce to each portion and a piece of crusty bread to dip into the delicious sauce, enjoy!