Corn on the cob with tahini-jalapeño crema and agave worm chilli salt.


One of my favourite things to do during the warm summer days is to gather with friends and family for barbecues or ‘carne asada’ as we call it in Mexico.

This recipe is perfect for welcoming your guests and not spending too much time in your kitchen; I’m a big fan of food that you can prepare ahead of time so you can enjoy the actual event.

You can have your corn cooked and ready to eat and just serve with the tahini- jalapeño crema and garnishes on the side so everybody can assemble their own creation. Don’t forget to add lime juice at the end and that very important pinch of agave worm chilli salt that adds an incredible smoky flavour to these elotes.

Serves 5


5 corns on the cob.

Tahini - jalapeno crema:

2 fresh jalapeños.

1 fat garlic clove.

3 tbsp greek yoghurt.

1 tbsp mayo.

1tbsp white tahini paste.

1 lime (juice and zest).

Extra virgin olive oil.

Maldon salt and black coarse pepper.

Peel and clean your corns, leave the leaves for presentation and easier hold.

Prepare a big sauce pan with water and boil, add a pinch of salt and boil your corn until they become tender, the time of cooking can vary from the type of corn you get, so keep and eye and when the kernels are soft to touch and you can press them between your fingers it means it’s ready.

Add to your blender the rest of the ingredients, with a good drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a bit of water if necessary. Blend really well until smooth and season with maldon salt and black coarse pepper.