Sweet Potato and Corn Tetelas with Guacamole.


I found myself sitting in our little office room at home listening to the song “Maria Bonita” with Natalia Lafourcade singing, I cant help thinking on how beautiful and romantic Mexican food is, there is so much passion and richness in our culture that is only normal that it translates into the food that we eat as well.

Tetelas are just another variation of the wonderful world of “antojitos” translated “cravings” into English, antojitos are normally little dishes that you eat in stalls by the streets , it’s an informal, humble and delicious meal, it’s cooked fresh and you tend to have them when you have that craving for street food or you need a quick meal on the go.

There is no cutlery involved your normally eat them with your hands, which is why I think Tetelas make the perfect antojito, very often I explain to other people that never seen a tetela before that is like a Mexican samosa but made with corn masa . Done very similarly to the way you would make a tortilla but is then normally filled with re-fried beans, a bit of Oaxaca style cheese ( stringy and melts nicely) and folded in a triangle shape, they are warmed up in a very hot pan , served with a bit of homemade salsa.

This recipe it’s my take on Tetelas but you can pretty much use any filling you want, I often find Tetelas to be a great way to use any leftover carnitas or creamy zucchini I may have in the fridge, just make sure is a filling that is not too moist so they keep their shape.

These are specially done for those sweet potato lovers out there and also a good way to use corn when is in season, the flavor of the roasted sweet potato with the lightly toasted corn is simply glorious, served with a fresh guacamole and a bit of creme fraiche its all you need.

And for the ones who prefer the filling a bit spicy you may add a bit of serrano chili finely chopped while you are cooking your onions and garlic, I chose to leave it out to make them kid friendly . Another little tip is to add a bit of cheese into your kid’s ones and I can guaranty they would love them, feel free to make them according to your taste and make them your own

Makes 6


For the filling:

1 white onion (finely chopped).

1 garlic clove (minced).

1 tbsp. olive oil.

2 tsp butter.

1 corn (kernels).

1 Large sweet potato (baked in the oven whole at 180C).

1/2 lemon juice.

1 tbsp greek yoghurt.

Handful of cilantro finely chopped.

Maldon salt and black pepper to taste.

For the masa:

1 cup of corn flour.

1 tsp salt.

3/4 cups of hot boiling water.


2 avocados. (Diced or roughly mashed).

2 serrano or green chillies, (finely chopped).

1/2 white onion (finely chopped).

1 lime .

Handful of coriander.

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil.

Maldon salt and black coarse pepper to taste.


Preheat oven at 200C

Bake your sweet potato whole over a lined tray until soft, about 20-25 min, depending on your oven.

Add the olive oil and butter into a hot pan, once your butter melts add your onion and garlic, fry slowly, toss in your corn kernels, keep stirring and let the corn get a bit of color (toasted), then add 1/2 cup of water and let the kernels cook through.

Get your cooked and cooled sweet potato, remove the skin and add the flesh into your pan, roughly mix this with a wooden soon and the add the lemon juice, remove from the heat. Add the coriander roughly chopped and greek yogurt, season with maldon salt and black coarse pepper, integrate the mixture and taste make sure is well seasoned.

Make a quick guacamole by mixing the avocado, with the rest of the ingredients, season and reserve.

Prepare your masa by combining the ingredients into a bowl, once is manageable knead briefly over your kitchen counter, you know it’s ready when is moist but not sticky. Heat up a non stick pan and follow the next steps to make the Tetelas:

  1. Form masa balls with your hands as if you were making tortillas.

  2. Press your masa ball in the tortilla press.

  3. Place a spoonful of the filling and a cilantro leaf on top. (Optional: add a bit of cheese).

  4. Fold the top of your tortilla creating a triangle. (Check picture below).

  5. Fold the bottom upwards and seal by pressing lightly with the tip of your fingers.

  6. Warm up in a hot pan until they look cooked on each side, serve warm, and repeat procedure with the rest of the masa.